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  • Top Performers Use Coaches

    Often More Than One

    Are you a top performer?

    If so, you realize that 80% of the work involved in finding work that fits you is internal.

    We can help you clarify what the "right fit" means for you, and develop effective strategies to turn that dream job into a reality.

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  • Local Human Resources Leader and Entrepreneur receives coveted Human Resources Award


    Deborah Burkholder, CEO Appia

    Deborah was honored for her outstanding service and dedication with the 2012 Daniel W. Griffiths Leadership Award presented by the Greater Merrimack Valley Human Resource Association [GMVHRA]. The award honors a member who has demonstrated outstanding vision and leadership in furthering the visibility, impact and reputation of the Human Resource Profession.

    The first award was given to Dan Griffiths, the founding member and driving force behind the growth, success, and national recognition of GMVHRA in 2005. Since its inception, the award has been given to an outstanding individual who has followed in Griffith’s footsteps and who has established themselves as a person of integrity dedicated to community involvement and to impacting the lives of others through Human Resources.

  • Deborah Burkholder and Tom McDonough

    Hosts of Career Tips & Trends

    Appia provides a unique web-based approach to collect, curate and communicate career success in one place, helping to make that next job search or annual review more successful.

    Deborah Burkholder, CEO Appia

    Appia was born from Deborah’s experience in corporate roles as the Director of Employment and Employee Relations in healthcare and manufacturing firms. She is a Board member of the Association of Career Professionals-New England ( and the Greater Merrimack Valley HR Association (, a local SHRM Chapter, chairing the Workforce Readiness committee. She is also AIRS certified in Internet and Social Sourcing Recruitment.

    Tom McDonough, CWO, CTO Appia

    An underlying theme in Tom's career is helping people clarify and align personal and career goals with their core values — their Unique Organizing PrincipleSM (UOP). Tom's Specialty is empowering people to align personal and career goals with their web presence.

  • Career Tips and Trends

    Ready or Not it's a Free-Agent Nation!

    Like you, we imagine a world where people are doing work they love, work that matters. In our own small way we hope to be a part of bringing about just such a world.

    That’s why we created Appia and Career Tips & Trends.

    Appia's Career Tips & Trendsis your online source for staying on top of the latest trends in career management and job search strategies.

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024 Kathryn McKinnon: Triple Your Time Today

October 25, 2012

Internet radio for savvy professionals – doing work you love, work that matters. To help us sort through what time means to us and how we can better manage our use of time, we asked Kathryn McKinnon, Time Management Expert, and Author of Triple Your Time Today to join us. As you’ll hear from her story, […]

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023 Brian Kurth: PivotPlanet

October 18, 2012

Internet radio for savvy professionals – doing work you love, work that matters. Our guest today is Brian Kurth CEO of PivotPlanet, a service providing one-on-one mentorship conversations with successful people doing work they love. Would such a conversation be a way for you to take that next step forward in your career. PivotPlanet is […]

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022 Dianne Shaddock: An Insiders View

October 12, 2012

Internet radio for savvy professionals – doing work you love, work that matters. Our guest is Dianne Shaddock Austin. Today we’re talking with an insider about the impact of new trends on recruitment practices and suggestions for getting seen by a large complex organization that by their reputation already attract a high number of applicants. Dianne […]

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021 Jim Faber: Mentoring

October 3, 2012

Internet radio for savvy professionals – doing work you love, work that matters. Our guest today is Jim Faber. We asked Jim to talk about what a mentor is, and not only how to find one but how to be one. Jim has developed an appreciation for the value of effective mentoring in his senior management […]

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020 Joshua Waldman: Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies

September 26, 2012

Internet radio for savvy professionals – doing work you love, work that matters. Personal branding author and entrepreneur, Joshua Waldman, joins us today. Joshua is the author of Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies, and writes the blog. We met Joshua at the Career Thought Leaders conference earlier this year. And we’re delighted to […]

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